Sunday, March 25, 2007

Graduation Open House Cards

Dinsdale Photography offers personalized Graduation Open House Cards. They are 4x6 in size. We take the photos or you bring Copyright releases for your own photos for the cards. See a slideshow of the choices. Wait for the new window to open and in a few moments the slide show will load. Please ignore the ads.... its a pain but free.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Meet the Editor...

I am Connie and here with me is Kitzee.
She is 10 years old and such a baby.
I will be sharing some of my photos with you. I am a photo enthusiast. However, inexperienced I am, I love taking photos. Somday I will come up with the perfect shot and it will be published in some great photography magazine.
You are most likely to see photos of all my cats and flowers and perhaps a grandchild or two.

Tulip Time

It was very windy the day I took this shot. I was experimenting with the Macro setting and this is what I came up with.